About The Eye of the Crone

The perspective shared here is one that comes from decades of experience, study, and personal unfoldment. It is ultimately the result of an unexpected spiritual awakening that occurred in 1971, by which a foolish young woman touched Wisdom, and became a dedicated student of the Divine Being.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Image of the Father

As glistening tear from single eye
Within it bears the life and light
Of being to be sown within the womb,
The seed of self is borne by breath,
Spoken into the dark void and given substance.

The Sire of all Creation needs no more than thought
To matter manifest within the Nothingness.
Fountain of fire and wall of water,
Winds that scour or caress,
Earth of many shapes and colors,
Stone and bone, and flesh and fur
And feather, leaf and frond and bole,
Appear at the behest of that great Architect.
Yet that designing Mind which creates,
Generates the vessels and engenders form,
Begets not truly till the spirit breath
Is breathed forth from the Being of the One
As Word, initiating Life.

Yet life alone is not the crown of this design.
The parent’s potency and image are instilled, encoded, hid -
Inherent in the consciousness of his most loved child,
The primate-ruler of the planetary sphere.
The heir awakes embodied in the mother’s flesh,
And rises with the light, and grows in Grace,
And comes to know the self aethereal, descended
From celestial paternity to then ascend again
Unto the Origin of All.
From primal dust, to primal animal,
To mortal human, thence to progeny divine –
The Son is born of Father’s fountainhead and germ,
Takes form, and in OneSelf reflected finds creative force,
And speaks the Word
In perfect likeness of the Source.