About The Eye of the Crone

The perspective shared here is one that comes from decades of experience, study, and personal unfoldment. It is ultimately the result of an unexpected spiritual awakening that occurred in 1971, by which a foolish young woman touched Wisdom, and became a dedicated student of the Divine Being.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The stars and planets move
Like dancers in a pageant they process and then regress
And yet again describe the intricacies of their relativity.
This is the choreography of space and matter
Ordered by the Word
Echoing in finite dimensions. Held in Mind
The Word fills up the cranial cup,
Fills up the soul to bursting forth …
To point of change.
Old patterns passed, and certainty found only
In uncertainty --
The Word speaks new meaning;
In the midst of chaos
Design appears.
The astral artistry spreads end to endless end,
The Great Ouroboros of the Word
In its multidimensional being feeding upon itself
To make the finite infinite.

The stars and planets move
Within the spheres of thought - and in their moving
Weave the figures of the dance
Done in the Great Hall of the Lord of All.
As matter masks the Spirit,
So movement speaks the magic word
See, then, the message of the stars is writ within
The heart of space and time, and at that heart,
Sublime agreement manifests in infinite diversity.
The meaning of the dance is at the heart
Of each soul in its Self discovery.