About The Eye of the Crone

The perspective shared here is one that comes from decades of experience, study, and personal unfoldment. It is ultimately the result of an unexpected spiritual awakening that occurred in 1971, by which a foolish young woman touched Wisdom, and became a dedicated student of the Divine Being.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heresy Divine

The human spirit labored, and attainment gained.
Accomplishment complete, I have regained Integrity,
And I am whole, replete
With all I have encompassed by the consciousness of Self.
Eternal and divine, 'tis I that am now all -- seen and unseen;
Matter, time, and space are but my consciousness
Diversified and manifest.I am the stars, the space they move within, the satellites
That circle them, the life upon and light that feeds that life;
I am the One, the whole, the All --
All-one, alone.

Alone, I find that I am blind.
There is no sight to see outside myself;
There is no thing that is not me, myself alone,
My vast Integrity.
The vision of the universe is gone from me,
And I am deaf and dumb
Save that I see within my mind, and hear and speak
The sacred syllables of my own Name into eternity.

Omnipotence is mine; I may create at will,
And yet my dreams and visions speak
With my own voice, and from and yet within my mind
They draw and have their life.
They are not of themselves in action, save I move them.
Choice they have not,Nor desire that is not mine,
And I am the great puppeteer of all Creation.
Though choirs of angels sing and fill the universe with praise,
It is all one to me, and all within my onerous Integrity.

All One, alone - I have achieved the goal and am come
Circle round
To my eternal Self and Source in endless beingness complete,
And I am solely, wholly that I Am.
All joy and sorrow are submerged,
All seeking ended in the finding of the One I Am, and I may rest
In this completion - deathless self surveying all that is – I Am.

Yet in this ordered and pacific bliss I find
There is a need I cannot fill,
A loneliness within the single mind,
The still and perfect whole I Am.
See, then! I send throughout the cosmic space of me
The wildness of the comet's course,
Decree the nova's brilliance, and the nebulae
In their unfolding and mysterious mists.
I burst the firmament and spread out newness
In a profligate array:
I seek for something undefined, unknown, unformed
Within my solitary state of mind.
I seek for that which I have lost
In finding that I Am the All with none beside.
There was a price unmarked upon Divine Integrity.

In pluperfect and onanistic bliss I see --
The price is priceless, precious company.
Thus am I bound by my eternal Destiny to recreate duality,
The adversary of my single self;
For having thus encompassed All, I am alone,
And fill the universe
With sight and sound that none but I can see or hear,
And endless solitude is more than even God can bear!

I must divide, destroy
This cosmic symmetry that I have gained at such great cost,
Must shatter stagnant order, and regain what I have lost.
So do I call to mind forgetfulness of Self,
And manifest unknowing --
And the errant and bedeviled child of my totality is born.
I will descend in him and dream mortality again,
Forego this ever-waking bliss and become merely Man,
And sleep in matter and division,
And adventurous despair.
I will forget my Self in this divided state,
And strive again for union and the journey's end;
I will drink deep of suffering and its partner, joy;
I will know pain,
And ecstasy, and seek for the Beloved and the soul complete;
I will know love and struggle,
And the happy meeting with my Self again.
I will again achieve the endless goal, come home again to bliss --
And thus, remember yet again -- the journeying is best.