About The Eye of the Crone

The perspective shared here is one that comes from decades of experience, study, and personal unfoldment. It is ultimately the result of an unexpected spiritual awakening that occurred in 1971, by which a foolish young woman touched Wisdom, and became a dedicated student of the Divine Being.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Earth Basks

The earth basks in the glory of the sun’s return
After a time of cold repose,
The dark Crone’s time --
A season of sleep, wrapped in white blankets,
Or silent standing with naked limbs,
Feigning death,
The sap of life withdrawn into the very root of self.

Now the golden touch warms and revivifies;
Calls forth that which has slumbered,
Makes new, makes well, makes whole,
Makes beauteous and full of grace,
Perfumes the breeze, and tints with joyous colors
The Maiden’s garb.

The Bride awaits the Bridegroom.