About The Eye of the Crone

The perspective shared here is one that comes from decades of experience, study, and personal unfoldment. It is ultimately the result of an unexpected spiritual awakening that occurred in 1971, by which a foolish young woman touched Wisdom, and became a dedicated student of the Divine Being.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Am Light

Light is Spirit, stepped down into visibility;
Matter is Light, stepped down into tangibility.

Nothing is
And then
A point of being
All that is
Expanding into
I Am Light
Passing through the prism of Being that I Am
From none to one
And two engendering three, and on beyond …
Initial spark arcing into dimension
Numbering, shaping, limning insubstantial form as concept
In the ocean of illuminated Mind
I Am Idea
Being Creative in process of distinction
Definition and degree descending
Through enlightened heart
Into the plastic aethers
I am holy Fire
Moving through the astral spheres
Kindling desire
Merging with reflection of oneself
Concrete in matter
I am made
Divine substance.